We Make Every Effort to Customize our Services to Meet Your Needs

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Customized Packaging

Pharmacy Network Services offers a strip-packaging system optimized for nursing convivence, a safer and more efficient med-pass, and supporting the ultimate goal of reducing medication errors.  Customized packaging services are tailored to each client, helping to manage changing pharmacy demands, minimize cost, and plan for future developments within the industry. 

Formulary Management

We partner with medical directors to support cost minimization efforts through the development and deployment of clinically appropriate therapeutic substitution protocols.  Clinical pharmacists engage in dialog with the entire care team to implement cost-minimizing substitutions that reduce facility-pay medication expenses and greatly reduce the labor cost associated with obtaining prior authorization from patients’ insurance plans.  Implementation of an effective therapeutic substitution can improve patients’ access to less expensive care and minimize overall medical costs.  Our local dedicated billing department means no hassle prior authorizations and available to assist families with questions. 

Consulting Services

Pharmacy Network Services and its team of clinical consultant pharmacists have a wealth of experience and bring exceptional value to clients by providing Policy and Procedure consulting services.  Consultant pharmacists are available to coordinate development of policies and procedures upon initiation of service and continually during the duration of the contract. Pharmacists with a thorough understanding of state regulations are available for remote and on-site supporting during survey periods.  We will attend your QAPI meetings, audit your med carts and provide IV in-services for your staff, and that’s just a fraction of what we can do!   You will have a dedicated pharmacy team assigned to your facility that will review and educate your staff on processes, conduct medication storage and cart inspections and maintenance, and perform medication pass audits to help your facility run more efficiently. 

Transition Services

Our highly trained staff work with you to provide a stress-free transition from your current pharmacy provider, including on-site training.  We are dedicated to make every effort to customize our services to meet your needs.  

Reliable Delivery

Our dedicated team of personal delivery drivers provide twice daily medication deliveries and also emergency deliveries when necessary.  With our extensive backup pharmacy network, we make sure you have access to medications when in a pinch.  Our delivery vehicles are equipped with an onboard camera system and real time GPS tracking, enabling you to know exactly where your medication delivery is at any time.