Care Groups

Skilled Nursing & Transitional Care

With more than 60 years of experience delivering medications to skilled nursing and transitional care patients, Pharmacy Network Services has served communities and facilities across the state of Tennessee. Pharmacy Network Services’ patient-focused approach facilitates the opportunity to be more than just a supplier of medication and allows the team to also provide pharmacy solutions and intelligence that will result in the best outcome for all patients served.

Intermediate Care

Pharmacy Network Services understands patients in an intermediate care environment need special attention. Cutting-edge technology, a dedicated team of professionals, and a strong commitment to the company’s core values provide a high standard of medication management and pharmaceutical care that will provide the best outcome for all patients. Through wise deployment of modern technology and training, Pharmacy Network Services can offer a wide variety of services to assist physicians and daily caregivers.



Assisted Living

As a long-term provider of medication distribution and pharmacy knowledge services to assisted living communities, Pharmacy Network Services supports a variety of programs and initiatives to ensure that residents receive quality medications in a safe, affordable manner. Customized packaging systems help caregivers administer medications much more efficiently while greatly reducing the opportunity for error and controlling costs incurred by the residents. A variety of reporting methods are used to assist physicians, caregivers, and administrators in making the right choices for residents.

Correctional Facilities

Correctional institutions can pose unique needs and diverse environments for those working with or within a facility. A partnership with Pharmacy Network Services creates a sense of security, efficiency, and accuracy while providing the highest standard of care and minimizing the cost of pharmacy services. Our staff of highly trained professionals understands the unique requirements of correctional facilities and offers a direct review of your clients’ medication practices and patterns.


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Residential Care Programs

Residential Care Programs

The staff of Pharmacy Network Services works closely with live-in programs to provide compliant and accurate medication distribution and management services. These, along with customized packaging systems, create a safe environment while greatly reducing the opportunity for loss or error.

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