Customized Packaging

Pharmacy Network Services strives to deliver the right medication to the right patient at the right time. With customized packaging services, Pharmacy Network Services provides a packaging system optimized for nursing convenience and efficiency while also ensuring accuracy of dosage, supporting the ultimate goal of reducing medication errors. Packaging services are tailored to each client served by the company, helping to manage changing pharmacy demands, minimize cost, and plan for future developments within the industry.


Formulary Management

Pharmacy Network Services partners with medical directors to support cost minimization efforts through the development and deployment of clinically appropriate Therapeutic Substitution Protocols. Clinical pharmacists engage in dialog with the entire care team to implement cost-minimizing substitutions that reduce facility-pay medication expenses and greatly reduce the labor cost associated with obtaining prior authorization from patients’ insurance plans. Implementation of an effective therapeutic substitution can improve patients’ access to less expensive care and minimize overall medical costs.



Policy and Procedure Consulting

Pharmacy Network Services and its team of clinical consultant pharmacists with a wealth of experience bring exceptional value to clients by providing Policy and Procedure consulting services. Pharmacy Network Services partners with a variety of industry support agencies to gain critical information regarding regulations and mandates that involve the facilities it services. Consultant pharmacists are available to coordinate development of policies and procedures upon initiation of service and ongoing during the duration of the contract as needed. Pharmacy Network Services takes state surveys very seriously and diligently works to prevent medication-related survey issues before they arise. Pharmacists with a thorough understanding of state regulations are available for remote and on-site support during survey periods.

Process Improvement and Quality Assurance

Pharmacy Network Services’ management teams and consultant pharmacists actively participate in process improvement initiatives and quality assurance meetings to improve the care of residents. At all levels, the organization grasps the use of appropriate technology to offer innovative pharmacy services, solutions, and intelligence. Managers are provided with the resources and data needed to rapidly make accurate decisions. With customized packaging services, process improvement and quality assurance, medications are administered more safely, in a timely manner, at a lower cost.



Drug Regimen Review by Consultant

Consultant pharmacists at Pharmacy Network Services review drug utilization to obtain the most optimal outcome for patients. The team targets expensive medications in order to suggest a less costly therapeutic substitution. Pharmacy Network Services invests significant resources to keep a watchful eye on emerging trends within the industry and offer cutting-edge clinical knowledge to improve quality of care, reduce exposure to liability, and reduce comprehensive cost of patients’ medical care. Consultant pharmacists are capable of routine and on-demand medication reviews to meet the desired needs of your patients.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence provides action-oriented analysis of medication utilization, pharmacy costs, and trends. This enables clients to rapidly make informed decisions regarding patients’ care. Advanced data visualizations and a team dedicated to assisting clients see valuable insights within pharmacy data. This reduces the countless hours previously spent analyzing endless spreadsheets to mere minutes by visually calling attention to the key factors surrounding the data. Pharmacy Network Services continues to invest in cutting-edge Business Intelligence initiatives. In the coming years, the entrance and growth of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) will place increased demand on skilled nursing facilities to prove both quality and value with data. Pharmacy Network Services actively seeks to pioneer systems that blend medication data with other key metrics that will demonstrate the value brought to the patient and to the ACO when selecting a nursing facility partnered with Pharmacy Network Services for medication distribution services.

Business Intelligence


On-Site Support Services (Training/Education)

All pharmacists at Pharmacy Network Services receive excellent training to perfect their expertise and knowledge. Pharmacists are trained to recognize possible threats of overuse, under-use, and abuse of any drugs by your patients and recommend better solutions. Informational training videos are periodically posted on the company’s website to make the information clients need available to them any time of day or night. Consultant pharmacists routinely engage with staff members at each client site to offer on going training opportunities for new staff members that cover emerging topics within the industry.

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